Cheese Dairy Valin in Val Gardena

Since 2010 we have a farm dairy where we process our high quality cow milk. With much manual work, we refine the high-quality milk to natural cheese and yogurt. Currently we produce a variety of cheeses, from soft to hard cheese. We even produce delicious natural yogurt and a wide variety of flavoured yogurts (raspberry, cranberry, wild berries and apricot). The products are sold in our farm shop.

Dairy products

Tasty artisan cheeses


Mountain cheese
Raw whole milk
Matured 5–7 months
Spicy-strong taste
Weight 5 kg


Tastefull semi hard cheese
Raw whole milk
Is also used for cooking
Matured 2-4 months
Weight 1,5 kg


Tastefull semi hard cheese with savory
Raw whole milk
Matured 2-4 months
Weight 3 kg


Mild soft cheese with herbs and flowers
Raw whole milk
Matured 3 weeks
Ideal for a present
Weight ca. 500 g


Mild soft cheese
Raw whole milk
Matured 3 weeks
Ideal for children
Weight ca. 500 g


Typical lean cheese
Raw skimmed milk
Matured 1- 3 weeks
Grainy consistency and interesting


Natural yogurt

Very creamy and mild yogurt
Pasteurized cow's milk
Weight 500 g

Natural yogurt with fruits

Very creamy and mild yogurt with different flavours (cranberry, apricot, raspberry)
Weight 150 g

Yogurt with wild berries

Very creamy and mild yogurt with wild berries
Weight 500 g uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.I agree